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Sofa Cleaning:

>Sofa Clean London provides a range of sofa cleaning services, delivered by experienced sofa cleaners who are professionally trained and industry certified. Our sofa cleaning prices are some of the best around, and we select from the following methods to guarantee the best possible cleaning result.

  1. Dry cleaning
  2. Steam cleaning
  3. Steam-heat extraction method
  4. Deep-vacuuming
  5. Applying pre-cleaning and post-cleaning products for best results
We choose our cleaning methods according to the fabric, style and current condition of your sofas. We realize there is a big difference between fabrics like leather, suede and mohair, and we clean each of these fabrics accordingly. We even have specialized suede sofa cleaners who work exclusively with rare and delicate fabrics. This means that we apply the relevant cleaning methods and chemicals, preserving the look of your sofas and ensuring their longevity

Our Package:

our local WW cleaning technican will provide a professional sofa cleaning service, which will restore your sofas fabrics to an almost as good as new state. Why not book your next sofa cleaning online with WW-Dry. Our superior sofa cleaning process includes:-

  1. Thorough pre-clean inspection
  2. Identity fabrics of your sofa and upholstery
  3. Review pre-existing condition of your sofa & upholstered items
  4. Sofa fabrics tested for compatability
  5. Professional sofa cleaning and protection
  6. Your sofa receives a thorough vacuuming
  7. Drying process
  8. With our rapid drying times, Chem-Dry's rapid drying times, most sofas and upholstery will dry in 4-6 hours.
  9. You will then inspect the clean once it has been completed.

1.How long does it take to dry ?

2.Can you remove coffee stains?

3.Do you remove pet odours?

4.How can I clean my carpets?

5.Do you guarantee your work?

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Our Cleaning Facts

1. Use of Standard equipments.

2. Our work is guaranteed.

3. We Follow World Standards

4. Cleaning Team is Professional
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