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Rug Cleaning:

Comfort and beautification of the rooms are enhanced by lying rugs on their floors. We clean hand and machine woven rugs with various techniques. The best method is applied to get the fine outcome of our job. We clean all kinds of rugs like Braided or Hooked Rugs, Oriental Rugs, Persian, Chinese and Bokhara Rugs. We make them clear of dust and dirt along with removing stains. We know rugs are quite expensive so we take extra care of them so that they remain in use for longer period. The stuff of the rug determines the method of cleaning and for this the experience of our staff plays a critical role. We have the human and mechanical resources to satisfy the customers with our rug cleaning. Process of Cleaning.

1) Time Factor In Rug Cleaning we prefer washing that involves a lot of water but with the systematic drying, to avoid any kind of damage to the stuff, we make them dry in the stipulated time. So the customers get them back after Cleaning process to lie in their rooms once again in least time.

2) Agitation Dusting and agitation are done so that the dirt is removed and washing become easy. Similarly hard rubbing is also not applied in cleaning because it may destroy the stuff. We keep them in their real shape and our Cleaning Process does not alter any of their features but just make them bright and clean.

3) Chemical The chemicals we use are the best that suits the natural fibers and do not deteriorate them. It is again the job of our Experienced Professional Staff that suggests a chemical for rug cleaning on the basis of the knowledge. We are committed to provide satisfaction with our work.

1.How long does it take to dry ?

2.Can you remove coffee stains?

3.Do you remove pet odours?

4.How can I clean my carpets?

5.Do you guarantee your work?

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